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A platform founded to inspire, share and teach virtual reality, metaverse, and game design for people of various experiences and all ages. Our events include lectures, seminars, workshops, and networking events.
Supported by educators, researchers, and practitioners from:

Harvard University
University of Hong Kong
University College London

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Summer Programme 2023

Courses for Adults & Kids

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Why learn Metaverse / Game Design?

…From a social perspective, the development of more immersive virtual experiences is helping people to build communities based on shared values, and to express themselves in more authentic ways. … It is this combination of technological, social and economic drivers that is resulting in the explosive interest in the metaverse.

— JPMorgan - Opportunities in the metaverse (18/1/2022)

According to recent research, the metaverse gains significant popularity and becomes a  venue that offers unlimited potential and possibilities. Individuals could extend their lives into the virtual world, namely the second life. Everyone could be the creators of their own mirror-world, customizing their digital twins that represent themselves and be with other metaverse participants.

We acknowledge such an opportunity and offer education and training to bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual. Our courses and events will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the new world.

Our Team

Dr. Kal Ng

PhD Arch (HKU) B.Arch (Oregon)

Kal is a programme director and lecturer at the University of Hong Kong, Dept of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. His research focuses on narrative through virtual experiences. His research results in AR Professor App Development, to facilitate better online learning by virtual reality and augmented reality. He also works with curators and programmers for specialized VR 360 content for the imseDome developed at HKU.

Mr. Mike Kwok

MDes (Harvard) M.Arch (HKU) BSSc (AS) (CUHK) HKIA ARB (HK)

Mike is a registered architect, and currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. He is a 2019 Hong Kong Jockey club - Harvard fellowship awardee. He has extensive experience in the application of video game engines to architectural discourses. His studies focus on Architectural narratives, film, VFX, and the video game medium.

Ms. Lisa J. Lai

M.Arch (HKU) B.A(Hons) (Manc) HKIA ARB(HK)

Lisa is a registered architect exploring the intersection of technology and architecture. Her works ranges from physical and VR spatial experiences, metaverse social interactions to XR performances. She also teaches virtual worlds/ virtual reality at the University of Hong Kong, Dept of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

Mr. James Chan


James is a virtual-reality application developer at the University of Hong Kong’s department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE). His research projects includes automated 3D virtual environment creation using machine learning, and application development for game engines.

Ms. Stephanie Lee Yeung

MDes (Harvard) BA Arch (Cooper Union)

Stephanie is a licensed architect in New York State. Currently, she is working at a Creative Tech company that uses art and technology to create immersive experience designs. She was the recipient of the Harvard-Brazil Cities Research Grant and Young Kieser Research Award.

Mr. Hermano Luz Rodrigues

MDes (Harvard) MA (Castillat-La Mancha) BA (Brasilia)

Hermano focuses on mixing visual culture with technology for more inclusive and participatory practices. He has exhibited and published internationally as an artist and contributed to diverse and interdisciplinary projects as a designer, curator, and researcher.

Mr. Harry Yeung

MPhil Com Lit (HKU) BA (HKU)

Harry is a teaching assistant and a research assistant at the University of Hong Kong. His studies focus on video games and online gaming communities using critical theory with a particularly interested in how people actually play and make use of a game. His current research focuses on the modding communities of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any basic knowledge or prerequisite?

No experience is expected or needed. Prior experience in 3D modeling is an advantage but not necessary.

Who are our lecturers and instructors and what qualifications do they have?

All our lecturers and instructors are university educators, researchers, and practitioners.

What devices do I need to attend this boot camp?

Laptop with web access is needed. Prior installation of softwares before the start of the course is required. Please refer to the brochure for details.

What online platform will the boot camp be conducted on?

The Bootcamp will be conducted over zoom.

Will I earn a certificate?

Upon graduating from this boot camps, you will receive an e-certificate of completion with their name and graduation date on it. A printed certificate is provided at an additional fee, please contact us if required.

Can I form a private class?

Please contact us via Whatsapp or email.

Are the boot camps refundable?

No. Tuitions are non-refundable once the student’s placement has been confirmed.